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Thursday, March 10, 2011

My New Filing System!

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For years I've used these elaborate filing systems, with a file for every category and sub files for each company or whatever. And every year I say why don't I just set aside a file and put items for taxes in it and every year tax time comes and here I am digging through files for possible deductions. And other than taking stuff out of files for taxes those files are virtually untouched. So here is my new and improved file system for 2011: 3 Files! Taxes, Monthly Bills, General File.

Anything I can use for a write off will go in the Taxes folder. Monthly Bills will go in the Monthly Bills file until the next bill comes and confirms last months bill was paid. Then the old bill gets shredded. Everything else for the most part will go to the General File. Anything that seems really important or frequently referenced will be scanned to my computer using Neat Receipts. All my filing can be done as it comes into my house and hopefully that will eliminate paper piles, my nemesis!

And in case it isn't clear, at the end of each year there needs to be a new taxes file and a new General File. You can then keep them labeled by year and dispose of them when you no longer need them. More on what to keep and how long to keep it in another post.

Note: My filing system isn't where I keep my warranties or instruction booklets for our home appliances and gadgets. You should set these aside and come back for my post on how I keep warranties and instruction booklets, easily accessible and neat.


  1. Paper is also my nemesis. I just need to dedicate more time to it. I tend to be a procrastinator.

  2. It's National Procrastination Week! March 7th-13th. Make a commitment towards ending procrastination in your life!