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Monday, March 14, 2011

Eliminating Some Fatigue: Laundry Week

Last week I posted this quote at the end of my post:

"It's not what we do that makes us tired, it's what we don't do. The tasks we don't complete cause the most fatigue." ~Steve Chandler

It got me to thinking about what I have undone around my house that's causing me fatigue. I think the #1 thing is laundry. Specifically what I call special laundry. Special laundry is anything that is stained, needs to be hand washed, or washed on delicate cycle, mending and ironing, also fall in this category. I have a special basket just for the special laundry and because it takes more work to get it done and we tend not to need those items as often it gets put off. As we all know tomorrow never comes. So starting tonight I'm going to soak all my stained laundry in the washer with detergent and a couple of tide stain release packs. One just won't do it for a whole load of clothes with stains, I tried it and was quite disappointed. I thought I'd had a brilliant idea on how to get more for my buck, but it didn't work as I had hoped. Then starting Monday (I'm going to my niece's birthday party in California this weekend) I will start with one hand wash load in the sink, one delicate load in the washer and while I wait I will alternate mending and ironing. I would like to get it all done in one day but with a toddler running around I'll be lucky to get it finished by the end of the week. Pick one project and get it done! Enjoy eliminating some fatigue.

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