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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Homemaker Duties, Lessons in Joy & Contentment

Lately, I've been feeling the urge to do something fun and I have. I've been spending time with friends, out of the house, away from my family. I was expecting that these activities would help me to feel rejuvenated and inspired. But the opposite has happened, I feel guilty (like I spent too much time away) and I feel even more behind. I feel like I neglected my family. I am fortunate enough to be able to be a homemaker. In my home away from the crazy traffic of a commute, ungrateful employers, lazy coworkers, outrageous customers.

My Job Description includes but is not limited to:

Housekeeping: Dust, vacuum, make beds, change sheets, wash/dry/fold/put away/iron/mend laundry, sweep and mop floors, pick up an put away "stuff", wash dishes, clean appliances, wipe counter tops & tables, scrub sinks, toilets, tubs and showers, clean mirrors and windows, change towels, clean high chair and car-seat. Shop for clothing, and household items.

Meal Planner/Nutritionist: plan/shop/prepare/cook/serve meals.

Financial Planner: Pay bills, manage budget, banking, taxes, day to day expenses, and long term financial goal setting.

Childcare provider: Feed, bathe, dress, teach health and safety as well as life skills, insure proper medical/dental care is received, training and discipline.

Receptionist/Public Relations: Answer phone calls and take messages, accept deliveries, and maintain the family calendar.

Move coordinator, packer, loader, unloader, unpacker, and the one who's supposed to know where everyones toothbrushes are when you get there.

I am also the taxi driver, toy fixer, On-Call Nurse, party planner, party hostess, decorator, errand runner, and the one who takes the car to be serviced.

And despite this long list of duties, I've realized this week that I need to seek joy in my day to day life, enjoying the moments I have and resolving to be content, not always wanting more. I struggle with this!

One of the things that makes it very worth it, is my two and half year old daughter, who says things like: "I love you, favorite momma", or "Mommy, daddy snorky (snoring) scares me" or "It's mesty (messy) all over the place" or "I wake up to see you, mommy!"or last but not least, "biklcycle" (bicycle). I am very blessed and know that  when I focus on that fact and on trying to be content, that is when I will feel the peace and relaxation I was seeking outside of my home.

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