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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's the Hurry & the Use of Pitocin!

Today I found a couple of really good articles I want to share with all the women out there. They are both about Pitocin, synthetic Oxytocin.

Every time I hear about a mother being given Pitocin, it makes me cringe. And that was before I read these articles. I guess deep down in my gut my body knew that couldn't be a good thing. In my mind, why on earth would someone not want to allow their baby the maximum amount of time in the safe confines of the womb. A place where your body and theirs are so in sync, all nutritional needs are being met. (I know there are circumstances which warrant, use of pitocin and induction, I think they are fewer than current use). The thing I found most disturbing is that the medical profession uses it like it was water, I'm not one for thinking the FDA necessarily has our back but this stuff isn't even FDA approved; but you don't hear doctors telling women that. It all seems kind of sneaky, and sneaky usually means something's wrong.  I hope you enjoy these articles. Please let nature do its job, your body and your baby know how to get here in the right time.

Article #1: Pitocin's Untold Impact

Article #2: Little Known Facts About Pitocin  

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