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Monday, July 18, 2011

Motivational Monday's ~ You!

"You are the person who has to decide, whether you'll do it or toss it aside. You are the person who makes up your mind, whether you'll lead or linger behind. Whether you'll try for the goal that's afar, or just be contented to stay where you are." ~Edgar A. Guest

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Clearance Ebook for $2: Tell Your Time

On my left side bar is a button like the one below for an ebook on time management. Well today I found out that she is updating it and selling the first version for a clearance price of $2, down from the original $12 or promotional price of $9. So if you'd been wanting this book and just could see spending $9 or $12 here's your chance for a deep discount. Click the button below and be sure to enter the code 2BUCKS at checkout. Enjoy!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Motivational Monday's: Universal Law of Magnetism

"There is a basic law that 'like attracts like'. 'Negative thinking' definitely attracts 'negative results'. Conversely, if a person habitually thinks optimistically and hopefully, his positive thinking sets in motion creative forces  and success, instead of eluding him, flow toward him." ~Norman Vicent Pearle

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July from Homemaker How To's!

Since it's Motivational Monday's here at Homemaker How To's this fourth of July, here are a couple of quick quotes and a presidential speech! Happy Fourth of July! Please be safe.

You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness.  You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism.  ~Erma Bombeck

This, then, is the state of the union:  free and restless, growing and full of hope.  So it was in the beginning.  So it shall always be, while God is willing, and we are strong enough to keep the faith.  ~Lyndon B. Johnson (Emphasis: mine)

I am pleased to join my fellow Americans across the nation and around the world in celebrating Independence Day.
On this day each year, we gather with family and friends to commemorate the anniversary of the signing of our Declaration of Independence. With vision and courage, our Founders stated unequivocally to the world: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." These were literally revolutionary concepts, and they fundamentally changed the course of human history.
Today we are living through another period of profound and historic change: change in the way we work, the way we live, the way we relate to one another and to the rest of the world. But the truths set down in our Declaration of Independence are immutable, and they continue to light our path into the challenges and possibilities of the future. Equality, individual rights, life, freedom, opportunity: we still cherish these values, and we must continue to reaffirm them daily.
America is a work in progress, and we have strived through decades of challenge and change to become what our Founders envisioned on our first Independence Day. As we continue that endeavor, let us work together to create an America that remains the world's strongest force for peace, justice, and freedom. Let us work for an America that is not driven apart by differences but instead is united around share values and respect for our diversity. Let us work for an America in which every one of us, without regard to race or religious belief or gender or station in life, can achieve our dreams. In this way we will best pay tribute to those who, 220 years ago, pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to guarantee our freedom.

Best wishes for a memorable Fourth of July.
William J. Clinton
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Wishing you all a safe, happy holiday!