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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When will they get it that it's not the products it's the parents?!

Surfing Facebook tonight and this just lit my fire! So watch out! Article states American Academy of Pediatrics is banning crib bumpers. Honestly, when are they going to get it that it's not the products that are killing babies but parents who think they can put there baby somewhere and be free to do what they want. I get it that the crib should be safe. But drop-side cribs weren't the major problem. The problem is parents assemble once and think its good forever. They need to be examined, re-tightened, maintained. Babies need to be checked on often. I just can not imagine how a baby that is being checked on manages to get itself caught between the crib mattress and side rail, or so stuck on a crib bumper that it suffocates itself. Please understand that this is just something that annoys me. I could be totally wrong and there is always the possibility that occasionally despite good care these things could happen, but often enough to warrant bans seems more like carelessness to me. If your child is precious to you, keep close watch on them. If you don't want to deal with inconveniences dont' have kids, lol. :D They need constant super vision for 3+ years. I was scared to death about losing my baby to SIDS, but I kept an eye and ear out and checked on her frequently as well as tightened the crib hardware fairly often, especially once she got more mobile.

Please know that my heart goes out to anyone who legitimately knows in their heart that they took the utmost care of their baby and lost them to SIDS anyway. To the rest of the parents out there, please tighten your crib screws, and check on your babies frequently.

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