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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weeds, Tears & Flowers

A couple Friday's ago we received an HOA violation notice stating that we needed to get rid of the weeds. So last weekend my husband pulled all the weeds. My daughter had thought the weeds in the back were flowers and was in love with them. She's 3 1/2. But it wasn't until yesterday that she noticed that all the "flowers" were gone. She asked me where they were and I told her Daddy picked them. She said what did he do with them? I tried to think quick and find an answer that wasn't a lie that wouldn't upset her, but I couldn't. So I told her the truth. Daddy threw them in the trash. Out came the tears! She was so upset. Then after she gets done crying. She says, "I'm gonna tell my Daddy why he threw away my flowers." In the most outraged 3 year old voice you can imagine. I had to hide my face I was trying so hard not to laugh. Later, I text my husband and told him what happened and suggested he bring her some flowers. He brought us both flowers. Here's a pic of my little one with the flowers he brought us! She is so funny and emotional! I just love it!

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