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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Update: Happy New Year! Looking Forward to a New Year 2012!

Typically, you could hear me say, "I don't make resolutions because no one ever keeps them." It totally seemed like a waste of time to me. This year though I've written out a list of things I'd like to accomplish and so I'm sharing that with you.

{In no particular order}

Updates in italics June 2012

~Read 1 Psalm and 1 Proverb each morning at breakfast
        So far have not been consistent with this one.

~Begin Homeschooling Preschool
        Have done some but not consistently.

~Research and Understand more about health and wellness
       Have done some of this but have not found a great method for keeping track of what I find.

~Blog at least once a week
       This one is terribly hard for me. My little one hates it when I'm on the computer and I feel like the computer robs my time so I try to stay away if I can.

~Empty email in-boxes and unsubscribe from junk
        I have cleared a lot of email, still have a lot to go and I have unsubscribed from somethings.

~Create and follow a schedule/routine
        Off and on I do, just can't make it habit.

~Make Christmas gifts and Decorations
        Just got out the idea books to get started on this one.

~Finish Unpacking
        Glad I didn't really get this one done. Since we've decided to move again so soon.

~Throw a Birthday Party for each member of my family, including myself
        Just felt weird trying to get a party planned for myself and my husband just isn't interested. So that leaves my daughter who won't stop talking about her birthday, at least that party will happen.

~Try 1 new recipe per week
        I have tried some new recipes this year but nowhere close to one a week. 

~Drink 3 liters of water per day, make it a habit
        I try but it's still not a habit.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2012?