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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stay Strong and Carry On!

So thee other day on Facebook, I saw this image posted there: 

and I got to thinking, 'hey, I do that'. I know there have been days when I'm totally down on myself after blog/pinterest surfing. Some days I'm lucky enough to snap out of it and go 'hey that lady sends her kids to school all day so that she can do those fancy craft projects or make sure her house is sparkling or hey maybe she cleaned it and took a picture before it got dirty again. I have to make an effort to not let people's pretty internet life, make me feel any less about my life.

So in an effort to remind people that blog life may look pretty, but that real life is always messy. 
Here is a general overview of my messy life.

*I was born to alcoholic/smoker parents; have managed 
not to become a smoker or drinker myself!

*Some creepy son of a babysitter, showed me his wee - knee when  
I was four while we played with a boat in the Jacuzzi. 

*In kindergarten, the junior high kids who rode the same bus as me, 
would steal my hair clips, 
tear up my homework, spit in my hair and who knows what else.

*I was picked on throughout elementary school, 
possibly bullied but I'm not sure if its the same as today's bullying. 

*When I was 11 my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. 
I spent a lot of time caring for my home, mom, family.

*Became a hard-@$$ in junior high since I'd had enough of being picked on.

* High school was alright except my mom died about 
two and a half months before I graduated.

*No one explained grief, my dad was of the belief that 
counseling was for the weak. I never went.

*Spent the next two years away at college, 
failing classes every spring, holding grief inside.

*Since I turned 18 I've moved: 10 times. Stressful!

*And according to the Holmes and Rahe stress scale 
I've experienced 19 major stressful life events. 
And when you consider some of them happened 
more than once, were talking nearly one a year.

*All that stress has caused me a liver that's on the fritz 
and adrenal fatigue, go figure right!

Anyway, the point is that even with all that has gone on in my life, I've continued on. Many people would turn to substances, 
or take their life in their own hands. 
You have to stay strong and carry on!

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