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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Natural Mothering E-book Bundle!

Looking for some natural mothering information. Look no further, check out this awesome e-book bundle! 

Click here to visit The Natural Mothering E-Book Bundle.

~This collection provides passionate, intelligent, and practical information to equip mothers to make informed decisions along their parenting journey and provide them with the resources they need to raise their children joyfully and naturally.~

Topics include:
~herbal remedies for children
~non-toxic beauty care for moms and children
~dealing with cavities and remineralizing teeth
~childbirth & breastfeeding
~a non-biased guide to thinking through the contentious topic of vaccines
~nutrition for babies, toddlers, children, and in the prenatal period
~diapering and pottying options
~dealing with trauma and depression
~teaching children manners, how to cook, and caring for others
~meal ideas & homemaking helps for busy moms
~attachment parenting

Authors include a number of well-known bloggers, holistic health care professionals, and fertility experts - including Pinky McKay ICBLC, Ramiel Nagel, Gabriela Rosa ND, Wardeh Harmon, Natalie Kringoudis, and Will and Susan Revak of 

Click here to visit The Natural Mothering E-Book Bundle.

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  1. You should blog an entry on attachment parenting, I'm interested in your take. :)