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Blogging Tutorials

If your new to blogging you've come to the right place! I know how tought it is to search for infomation on how to do things on your blog, only to be sent to these blogs about how to blog by people who know so much about blogging, html, css, that they speak "geek". Anyway the information here will not likely be my own at least not for a while. I'll be posting the best links, I find for things I have done to my blog.

Blog Design, Backgrounds, Layouts, Banners, Buttons: ~ make sure to check out there faq's and secrets sections. ~ this site will help you find a color and give you the hex code you need to change your html code. ~ step by step instruction for how to make a button and the grab my button coding below it. ~ tons of templates and a few blogging how tos. ~ custom template design, plus tons of free ones! ~ more templates, buttons, blinkies.

I've got more, I'm just tired. I'll add more later! :D