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Friday, July 24, 2015

Ground Beef & Bacon Over Spaghetti Squash, Roasted Root Veggies, & Salad {In the Kitchen with Kayla}

Tonight I forgot to take pictures of dinner so I thought I'd make this cute series banner for you instead. Its a peek into my kitchen. I hope you like it!

In my food prep hour that I talked about in yesterday's tips, I ground 3 pounds of bacon ends & pieces. I put 1 pound in my skillet to brown and saved the rest for burgers. 

Then I peeled and chopped 2 Rutabagas, 1 Turnip and 1 Yam for my Roasted Root Veggies. I greased a baking sheet and spread them in a single layer. When enough bacon grease had rendered in the skillet, I spooned some onto the veggies and sprinkled with salt and pepper. I then prepared my spaghetti squash by cutting off the stem end and cutting it in half lengthwise. I put a sheet of parchment paper on another baking sheet, sprinkled both halves with salt and pepper and placed them cut sides down on the baking sheet. I placed both in a 375°F oven for 30 minutes. I should have turned/stirred the root veggies half way through but I didn't so one side was a little charred. 

While the squash & root veggies were baking I browned a pound of ground beef in the skillet with the bacon and seasoned it with coriander, parsley, basil and salt. When the spaghetti squash had cooled a little I scraped the "noodles" out with a fork and mixed them into the beef/bacon mixture. 

You can see how I make salad here. Since I'd done prep work for salads the last two nights the only thing I chopped tonight was cucumber, the rest I just threw in the bowl. Tonight's dinner made enough food for us to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I love it when this happens and I try to make it happen as often as I can.

~Make meals that feed you twice! It saves time and a lot of energy (yours and the kind you pay for).
This is the two morning breakfast I made this morning and then tonight's dinner is also tomorrow's lunch so the work I did today basically allows me to heat 2 of tomorrow's meals. Sweet!

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