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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Spaghetti Squash with Kielbasa and Salad {In the Kitchen with Kayla}

Yesterday's nights dinner was a flop. I intended to make baked chicken legs with roasted carrots and capers. It was roughly based on a recipe called Lemon Artichoke Chicken. My family thought it was over powering sour flavors with the lemon and capers. So if you want the original recipe its in the book Practical Paleo. So that's why I didn't post dinner last night. Here's the pic... looked good just didn't taste good enough for us to want to eat it again.

Okay so on to tonight's dinner. 

We've been trying to cut out a lot of foods in hopes of determining what it is that's causing us problems. Nightshades are one of those things. [Nightshades are any of various solanaceous plants, such as deadly nightshade, woody nightshade, and black nightshade. Any of various plants of the genus Solanum. Courtesy:] These include food such as Tomatoes, Potatoes (Not Sweet Potatoes), Eggplant, Peppers (Sweet & Hot), Gogi Berries, Tomatillos, Cape Gooseberries (but not regular), Garden Huckleberries, Ground Cherries (Not bing or rainier), Ashwaganda and Tobacco. These food can cause inflammation in certain people and can cause joint pain (Practical Paleo, 29 & 116). 

Anyway, originally I was going to add a can of diced tomatoes to make this more like spaghetti but we decided that we wouldn't do that (because of the inflammation causing properties). So I roasted the Spaghetti Squash in the oven at 375°F. for 30 minutes. Browned the Kielbasa and mixed it all together in the skillet and added a salad, as I always do. I was planning on making steamed carrots also, but we were playing games as a family and I got distracted. It wasn't the best dinner ever. But it was good enough to eat. I don't want to discourage anyone from trying anything. Rather the opposite. It may take a long time to find a months worth of meals your family actually enjoys but it will be worth it. 

This post gave me an idea for Kielbasa Kabobs. Going to have to try that! Hope you enjoy!

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